• In the beginning of 1991, I began a search for new ways I could become aware... of my feelings. I also wanted to find new ways to express those feelings. During this time, in a small cafe, a friend suggested that I could get acquainted with "Project Night Light," an organization that matched volunteers with terminally ill AIDS victims.

    The idea immediately scared me. How would I feel in the face of so much imminent death and so much suffering? What would I say? I imagined nothing but darkness. I recognized my inherent need to avoid this and therefore knew I had to go.

    What I found was a surprise. As I ventured into homes and hospices, with my uncapped 35mm, I was overwhelmed by the power of human kindness and tender caring. Between the living and the dying, there was a constant community of togetherness and compassion. There was darkness, but within this darkness there was light.

PORTRAITS | Project Night Light