• I have always been bored with traditional portraits of people in the work environment because the background often overpowers the focus at the expense of the individuality and character of the person.

    Conversely, traditional portraits often fall short of telling the story of what the subject is about and what he or she does.

    For People of Topanga, I wanted to capture the personalities of my subjects by isolating them from their daily environments while also portraying what they do. I believe that the character of people is greatly defined by how they spend their time.

  • Herta

  • Bob

  • Frank

  • Bill

  • Mary

  • Frank

  • Jamie

  • Mark

  • Doug

  • Jeanie

  • Nancy

  • Allen

  • Mario

  • Kedric

  • Tom & Janet

  • Tony

  • Ralph

  • Breck

PORTRAITS | People of Topanga I